Germalam Wild valley farm

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Wild valley farm is private farm in Germalam village in Tamilnadu-Karnataka border. Two sides of the farm is forest and hills. This farm only have tented accommodation. Here one can get a chance to go inside the forest (Remember this forest has Tigers).

As a part of package guide will be provided for small trekking in the forest. The place has many wild elephants. But when I went there we didn't see any elephants. As soon as I enter into the farm I saw one very big snake going into forest from farm. That was rat-snake not poisonous, it seems it is former friendly snake (eats rat). When we went we had seen Tiger pug-marks inside the forest.

The accommodation is very basic. A fixed tent with cement flooring and has two beds are provided. It is really great to stay in tent. Nights are very cool and pleasant. I woke-up early and roamed around the farm.

This farm is accessible from Bangalore. It is around 220km from Bangalore. I dont know the current road condition. When we went road was bad after Maddur till Tamilnadu border. There are two routes to goto this place one route is through Mysore high way via maddur- kollegal-Odeyarpalaya-Germalam.

Tariff: 1150/- (Indian rupees) per person per day including meals, accommodation and trek.

More information can be found in Wild valley farm website.