Beautiful hill station near Bangalore 

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Nandi Hills is a beautiful hill station near Bangalore. The altitude is 1490 meters from sea level. The climate is very cool and pleasant most of the times

Distance: 60 km from Bangalore.

My Experience:

View from top 

I was looking for a day trip. This time I want to go Nandihills. I have not decided till 10'o clock. Finally I asked if Sai and Gurivi were interest in coming to Nandihills (I lied to sai and Gurivi that Kiran is on the way to our home to go Nandihills. Sai is my roommate, Gurivi stays nearby, and Kiran is staying with his parents). They looked interested and immediately called Kiran and told Sai and Gurivi were ready to come to Nandihills. It was already 11:30Am. Kiran started after 10min from his home (Bannerghatta) to our house (in Koramangala).
Finally we started on two pulsars, one was kiran's one was mine. Kiran and Sai on one bike myself and Gurivi on my bike. Lack of information we took very long route, Since we didn’t have breakfast we were hungry. We stoped on highway dhaba to eat some thing but was already 1:00 clock.
We started by 2:00 Clock. There was a ghat road to nandihills. The hills lie 1400MSL. We have to strain our vehicles to go top also we have to be very cautious at curve's. On the way we could see good views of landscape. We stopped to take some photographs this time we only have my Camera (Kiran forgot to get his digital camera). We reached the top and it was raining. It was stopped after some time. We just wanted to explore the hill. There were steps to reach the top. Finally we reached the top and the view was exciting.

Nandihills Ghat road  

Next we visited Tippu's drop point. Some ruins of the fort walls are still visible. since we started late we are unable to cover the all places on top. we spent some time on top.
If we had started in the morning we could have covered all the places. This Day trip was good. I recommend this a daytrip

Orchid in bloom